About Me

The below was true 7 years ago - we have since moved and this page is pending update... 

I live in Singapore with my husband, 3 minutes away from my parents and 2573km away from his. We live on (we like to think) a little hilltop and own 3 small balconies.

I started this blog after I stopped working as a management consultant full-time. During that time, I rediscovered the joy of working with my hands. I enjoy gardening, baking and all kinds of handicraft work. After about a year plus of bumming around, I've decided to start work full-time again. This time, in a bank. The hours in the bank are shorter than in a consulting firm but still rather long. However, by now, blogging is very much a part of my life so there is no looking back.

This little blog of mine is about my simple life.. things I come across and things I do at home.. and sometimes, my rantings about work. Most of this blog revolves around food.. and some around gardening. Feel free to browse around the Archives and read my old posts.. and do drop me a comment or two if you have something to share.. or just to say hi! I'm always excited to find new readers of my blog - it's one of those things that make my day brighter!

And in case you are wondering, the answer is yes. I really do have an "open kitchen concept" in my house.

My little balcony