Monday, August 19, 2013

Bird Park and New Words

We brought Little N to the Bird Park last weekend.

We headed over pretty late.. reached the bird park around 3pm.. with just enough time to watch a penguin feeding session, take a tram ride and catch parts of 2 shows they had...

It was pretty enjoyable though.

I've not been to the bird park for at least 10 years.. The last time I was there was for a team dinner so it wasn't like I saw any birds apart from the flamingoes. My real last trip was probably more like 20 years ago!

Little N seemed to enjoy the Bird Park a lot though. She stared at the penguins.. pointed to the hawks flying above during a show and flapped her hands with the pelicans.

Over the last few weeks, the things she understands seemed to have grown exponentially. From the basic few key words she seemed to understand only a month back, her vocabulary seemed to have grown.

Currently, here are some of the words I observed that she knows:
  • She can point at pictures of the following - penguin, apple, orange, leaf, butterfly, zebra, elephant, ice-cream, duck, cow, key, sun, star, clock, watch, smiley face, milk bottle, heart
  • She can point at the following objects -  clock (probably her favourite word), alarm clock, watch, fan, air-con, stairs, chair, table, television, balloon, ball, dental floss, hand soap, hand towel, mirror, Elmo, teddy bear, phone, Eeyore, moon
  • She can signal the following - bye bye, hallo, wheels on the bus, bell on the bus, honk on the bus (all from the same song), star, shake, brush hair
  • She can also point to her own ear, hair, pat her stomach, point to my toes and my bellybutton
It's so fun to see her pick up new things! Penguin is the word she learnt from the Bird Park trip. We showed her the brochure when we got home and asked "Where are the penguins?" When she pointed to it, I almost fell off my chair. She consistently pointed to the penguins each time I asked.. so I guess.. she really does know it after all!

At almost 10.5 months old

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Routine

  • Wake up at 630 or 7, depending of what time Little N wakes. How I wish she has a concept of sleeping in during weekends! I suppose that will come one day... 
  • Feed Little N
  • Take a shower, pack Little N's breakfast whilst The Husband plays with her
  • Have breakfast outside together with Little N
  • Attend a 75min class together with Little N
  • Go home and cook Little N's lunch whilst she naps
  • Catch a break myself if she naps longer
  • Pack Little N's lunch and then go out for lunch
  • Go home after lunch and bathe Little N
  • Play, read and crawl around with Little N until about 4pm
  • Feed Little N milk and hopes she takes an afternoon nap. If she does, I'd cook her dinner and do some housework
  • If she naps quite well, I'd have a bit of me-time to either take a catnap or have some tea
  • If she doesn't nap, I give up after about 60-90 mins and will cook her dinner and then play her her until dinner time
  • Feed Little N dinner and then bathe her
  • Read to Little N, bring her out to the balcony to take a look at the birds going home and then put her to sleep
  • Depending on whether she took a nap in the afternoon, it may take anything between 15mins to 60mins to get her to sleep
  • Have dinner with The Husband at home (We usually pack back)
  • There are some evenings where Little N will wake between 9pm to 12 midnight. If she wakes, carry or feed her so she goes back to la-la land
  • Spend some me-time surfing the internet, reading or just lazing around before going to bed
  • Wake up around 1 to 2 times in the night.. bad nights I'd wake up to 3 times..
  • Very similar to Saturdays except we go to church in the morning and then go out for brunch after church
  • The rest of the day is similar to Saturday
 A busy Little N playing with blocks..