Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making a neat cup of cappuccino

The Bialetti's Mukka Express is one cool coffee pot.

I bought it as anniversary gift for my husband, seeing that he likes a cup of coffee every now and then at home... but I'm the one enjoying it more now since I'm the one making the coffee.

It's pretty easy to operate - put some grounded expresso roast into the coffee holder, use the measuring cup to pour some water into the (black) container below, use the same measuring cup to pour some milk into the (white and black) pot area, press the knob for cappuccino and put it on the fire for about 6-7 minutes and viola, a nice, professional looking cup of cappuccino is done!

So cool.

The only drawback? I struggle to take apart the black container below from the white-and-black pot for washing. Somehow, some pressure is being built up and it requires quite a bit of strength to take it apart.

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