Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Insects in my garden! Again!

Everything has been going fine in my garden for a while now.. My purple chilli, my tomato plant, my newly (and fast growing) cucumber, my basils and mints.. Apart from my trouble with red spider mites previously, most of my plants survived and those pesky red little monsters seem to be held at bay.

So when I drove pass the famous World Farm the other day, I bought a pot of beautiful rosemary and dill.

And for a while, everything was good in my balconies.

Then, these few days, I thought my plants look a little sad.

Probably neglect, I thought. Since I have been busy with other things. But I kept on watering and spraying with my organic pesticide.

Then today, I lifted my purple chilli, and as if it had cancer, a lump of leaves dropped off.

I stared at my plants. Little nasty things were darting in and out of the soil. There were 2 kinds - 1 was slow moving and white - root mealies! The other was fast and darting in and out - fungus gnats? I'm not too sure.


War has began again.

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