Thursday, July 16, 2009

Revamp of the balconies - Part 1B

After 3 days of "hard work" (I can only work on the garden in the morning or late evening.. when it is not too hot and there's enough light), I'm done with balcony #1.

Ta-daahhh! Here are some pictures of it...

A collage of pictures of Balcony #1 and the view from it

My edibles collection

Antique metal rack and my African violets..
and oh, my chamomile is also in the picture!
I'm still thinking about where to hang her

The not-flowering-at-the-moment flowering plants corner..

I'm not done with the flowering plants, which is why they are all sitting in a corner for now.. I'm supposed to move them out to get the sun when I'm done with them.

Most of my herbs are recovering from some previous pests attack.. Doing okay but things can definitely be better. I've just thin out my basil collection. Realised I didn't get them enough root space when I went over to Petunia's.

Some of my seedlings (dinnerplate hibiscus, chamomile) are doing well... Others (Cucumber, I must have hurt it when I moved it to a bigger pot) not too good..

And that's the beauty of a garden, isn't it? There's always some work-in-progress, nothing is ever quite complete...

I'm sure my balcony will be much nicer if I went to get a "ready-made garden".. ie, get the landscaper guys to come in and do it up. But there's a lot of satisfaction from working on my little balcony.

Now, I'm contemplating on working on my master bedroom balcony, ie. Balcony #2.. :)

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