Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Revamp of the balconies - Part 1A

The painting of the exterior walls of my apartment is finally almost over.. the side of my apartment with the balconies have been painted. (And now, my balconies' wooden decking has like hundreds of little drips of paint that can come off if you scrap it a little.. but it'd take a long while to do that so I'm leaving them there for now and kind of hoping Nature will get rid of them... Actually, I know she won't. I'd just have to slowly do it.)

Now, it's time to revamp my balconies.

I've decided plan it out this time around. And I've also decided I'd do one balcony at a time.

OK, so here is my "floor plan" for the Level 1 balcony. It is also sometimes called Balcony No. 1. It's the smallest of the 3 balconies, but it is also my favourite because:
- It is the balcony where my herbs are,
- It is the most "accessible" balcony (to the kitchen, that it)
- Of the 3, I spend most time in this balcony.

I've managed to repot most of my plants into bigger pots. And have been diligently giving all my infected plants a bath.

Tomorrow, I'd reorganise my plants according to this layout.

There's just one little problem I have with this layout. Because the section with the edibles don't really get too much direct sunlight. I'd have to move my herbs now and then to get a good dosage of sun.

Oh well, I guess one can't have the best of all worlds..

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