Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Earl Grey Tea Bread

The black little specks are the crushed tea leaves

I'm really glad that I'm slowly making my way down my To-bake list, even though not everything turns out well on the first try.

I wanted to make this Earl Grey Tea Bread ever since a friend sent me the recipe. But I haven't been able to find the Earl Grey Tea Powder the recipe asked for.

So, I decided to use the earl grey tea leaves I bought from TWG to make this bread instead.

The bread turned out pretty well - nice and soft and went very well with the milk jam.

But there was no taste of earl grey tea.. which was a little disappointing, because I had used the tea leaves in 2 ways for the bread. I made some earl grey tea and used them instead of water as the liquid for the dough. I also grounded some tea leaves and mixed them into the finished dough.

I'd try to look for the earl grey tea powder again, or else change the strength of the tea (a really very strong brew) and try this recipe again.

Then I'd post the recipe here.

Crushed Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Earl Grey Tea Bread - soft and fluffy but no tea taste..


Blur Ting said...

Hi! Saw your question in my blog:

The ginger I use for kiam chye duck soup is the normal old ginger. If you like the soup extra peppery, you can throw in some whole peppercorn into the soup to boil right from the start. If not, you can forgo this step and just add a dash of ground white pepper before serving.

I'm sure your soup will taste good. I suggest you keep tasting at intervals. If it is too bland, add in more kiam chye as you go along or more sour plums if you like it tangy.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

oh.. wow... thanks! I'd try it soon and post the results here.. :)

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