Friday, February 12, 2010

Healthy Sweet Basil

Well.. this is old news.. but my plants have mostly died.

And naturally, being me, I haven't got myself any new ones to replace them. (I'm a Procrastinator..)

My friend, M found out about my plants, and passed me a mint cutting and a sweet basil seedling.

It is funny the way things go around. Because I gave these very same ones to M when she started out her balcony..

But oh.. this friend of mine has very green fingers. She says that she doesn't do very much.. but the her plants have been blooming She even complains of the mint leaves growing too big.. and too fast. And her basil seedling.. well, let's just say it looked like those you see in the supermarket - green, big and delicious looking.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I got the plants from M.

Happily, the sweet basil has settled down nicely in my balcony. And it is still looking rather good. The weird part is none of my sweet basils used to look so good.. even though at that time, I was a lot more enthusiastic about my plants. (See this post)

Somehow, I think plants thrive better without my constant attention.


My happy sweet basil - doing very well on their own.

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