Monday, February 15, 2010

Homemade Achar

A generous lady I know from gym makes one of the best Achar I've ever tasted and she is kind enough to often give me some ever now and then, whenever she makes a big batch.

Achar is a vegetable pickle popular in Southeast Asian. It is made from different vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, carrots, cabbage, long beans, chilli and pineapple.

Achar is usually served on the side along with meat and steamed rice. It's one of the things I'd always order when I eat Nasi Lemak (coconut rice).

The Achar that this lady makes is the kind I like.

It contains only cucumber, carrots, pineapple and chilli (which is perfect for me because I do not like cabbage and long beans in my Achar). Plus she is very liberal with the amount of peanuts and sesame seeds in her Achar and they make it really crunchy. She says she doesn't add much vinegar to her achar, just olive oil and lots of fresh lemon juice, with a teeny bit of vinegar and tumeric powder.

I like to eat this Achar with a bowl of hot soup and freshly steamed rice. I've even eaten it plain just with steamed rice - it's that irresistible!

Delicious Achar - I was given a large box for the New Year.


petunialee said...

Gosh! That is some mouthwatering achar... I saw your orange muffin. I think I'll give it a go when my batch of 10 run out.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. Petunia, don't try it yet.. I'm trying to do another batch with a revised recipe.. If it works better, I'd post it here. :) BTW, Orange and raisin - really a wonderful combi.. *yumz*

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