Saturday, March 6, 2010

10 Random Things About Food

  1. The best non-spicy instant noodles is Nissin Ramen 出前一丁. It has to be the original flavour with sesame oil and the packaging must say made in Hong Kong. There really is a difference, trust me.
  2. The best spicy instant noodles is hands-down, the Korean's Nong Shim Shin Ramyun - Mushroom flavour.
  3. Peking duck is better in Beijing. Most Beijing restaurants whose Peking duck costs RMB88 and above (approx SGD18) would taste better than the ones in fancy restaurants here. I don't know why but it is true. The best, of course is at DaDong Restaurant or Chang An No. 1 (at Grand Hyatt Beijing) if you are prejudiced against DaDong's version of a "leaner" Peking Duck (if such a thing is even possible at all..)
  4. I think that lunch from a home-packed lunch box is always good. When I was younger, I dreamt of preparing a lunch box everyday for my future husband. Of course when I eventually got married, The Husband does not like lunch boxes.
  5. One of the best ways to resolve a heated argument at work is to break for a nice lunch. Most problems will look better after lunch.
  6. The first thing that comes to my mind about Taiwanese food is Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet. There is this fantastic roadside stall at Taichung's Fengjia Night Market that sells great chicken cutlet. The famous stall at Shilin (the one with the perpetual queue) is of course unforgettable as well.
  7. Eggs are my favourite food. And almost all derivatives of eggs taste good.
  8. Fresh is not always better than dried. Dried porcini is way better than fresh ones. And so is dried shitake. The flavour of dried mushrooms, it seems, is more intense.
  9. Oats are healthy but nasty stuff.. I have not yet found a way to make them tasty.. either I'm really misguided or those who say they taste good are deluding themselves. 
  10. Macdonalds should have done the new Breakfast Deluxe a long time ago.. and they really should leave it on the menu.
What would be the 10 random things you'd have to say about food? Do share them...


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i agree with the CQYI noodles! and Da Dong duck, their ala carte menu is pretty good too though i find their cooking style a tad "canto". if u have the chance, try 九花山's duck. i quite like it's less "refined" taste = less "canto" style, the soup is very robust and, i saw many army officials (uniformed + many badges and stars) there for the meal when i was there.

Quan Ju De is a farce, skinny ducks. kekeke......

for my 10, they're......

1. Food stalls opened after CNY won't taste as good before, gotta wait for a week later.

2. HK CQYD bowl noodles taste far better than local's, they've a braised egg in it.

3. Cameron Highlands steamboat is the cheapest + bestest ones one can get for the fresh veggie.

4. JB food isn't as good as before oredi, like 10 years ago. many zi-char stalls here can produce the same quality.

5. taiwan food is far better than HK's, and cheaper. ok, maybe it's just me. *WIDE GRIN*

6. the most difficult dish to whip up well at home = fried rice. incidentally, i love the egg fried rice in Beijing.

7. best food with beer = fried ones, or very cheesy/fatty food

8. most locals know very little about food actually. french food not = duck confitt, pizza not = italian food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......

9. jap food are actually boring = they've very few cooking styles. they win by raw, real taste + simplicity.

10. there's a real difference in taste cooking with good salt.

ah, i've more but shouldn't clog up your box. kekeke.....

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh not at all.. I really enjoyed your list. I so agree with #7.. only.. fried food taste good with Coke too! Very cold coke.. :P

Rummi said...

Oatsmeal, i like!

Cook/ stir 2 chinese soupspoons of oatsmeal with 1tspn of sugar. Add an egg. Throw in 2 cream crackers... Same-same all the time, and i cannot explain why im addicted to this. Lol

Can do without rice for a whole week, but not without my oatsmeal.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hm.. I can't quite explain why I dun like them.. I'm going to try baking with them.. and see if that works out..

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

make oatmeal cookies! add cranberry or blueberry! IS THE YUMZ. *WIDE GRIN*

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