Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 places to see sakura in Tokyo

I like the 3 places we went to see sakura this time in Tokyo. Each park has a rather different atmosphere.. and somehow even though the flowers are almost the same.. the experience is different.

The first place (I've mentioned this place before in my previous post) is Ueno Park, near Ueno (上野) station. Ueno is a good place to see sakura and hanami (as well as yozakura). There is this stretch in the park where there are relatively low sakura trees along the entire stretch. There will be lots of people under the trees enjoying hanami.. but the pavement is still wide enough to stroll along.

The bustling and crowded Ueno Park

The second place is this park near the Kichijioji (吉祥寺) station. Kichijioji is a more residential area so you'd see a lot of people walking their dogs, exercising or taking a stroll in the park. There is a rather large pool of water (but not really big enough to be called a lake...?) in the park and you will see families or couples boating there.

The sakura trees in this park are all rather tall.. and those by the lake have their branches spread all the water out to the water.. so it is really a lovely place to go and have a nice long walk.. There is a somewhat melancholy feel about the lake and the park in the morning.. (when it is not as crowded)..

The more "residential-feel" park at Kichijioji

I like the sakura trees by the lake..

Somehow, these trees make the lake look and feel more melancholy...

The third place to see sakura is Shinjuku park. It used to the the royal family's private garden.. but it is now a park open to the public (for a minimal fee of 200yen).

Shinjuku park is more like a large botanical garden.. there are plenty of sakura trees all around.. and a lot of other plants and flowers as well. There is a beautiful and well-kept Japanese garden within the park.

Perhaps it is due to the entrance fee.. but I find that the crowd at Shinjuku park is a lot more focused on flower viewing and photo taking.. you'd find a lot less people gathered there for partying.

The beautiful and elegant Shinjuku Park

The well-kept Japanese garden..

The blooming tree at the Japanese garden..

A view of the city from the park..

There are lots of other plants and flowers besides sakura.. 
there is also a rose garden within the park which was unfortunately,
closed when we were there.


petunialee said...

Wow! When the kids grow up... I will do this!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Petunia, bring your kids there! No need to wait... Next year will be good :)

Blur Ting said...

SO beautiful!!

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