Friday, April 2, 2010

3 things that makes a good Oyako-don

Firstly, flavourful chicken.. made from range-free chicken if possible, so that the meat is flavourful and not too fatty and just bouncy enough. The chicken meat should be well cooked, best if lightly grilled.

Secondly, good, fresh eggs cooked to a precise degree of perfection so that the egg whites are wobbly and the yolks are semi-liquid.

Thirdly and most importantly, tasty Japanese rice cooked with chicken stock until it is slight wet but not soupy.

A restaurant in Sendai (with an outlet at the JR station) claims it serves the Ultimate Oyako-don.

The Husband heard about this restaurant and wanted to find it in Sendai..

I was thinking how good can oyako-don be?

I was so wrong. It was good good good.

Look at the eggs... slurp

This is the restaurant. It is like an izakaya but the specialty is oyako-don

The Ultimate Oyako-don

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