Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fish Paste Seaweed Roll

I was a bit out of ideas for what to cook for dinner today..

In the market this morning, I had bought a fish for fish soup and also some vegetables for a simple stir-fry dish..

What else can I cook...? Hm... I paced through the market a couple of times and then came up with this..
 Fish Paste Seaweed Roll

It is a really simple dish.

All I did was spread some fish paste (which I bought from the fishball stall at the market) on a large piece of nori seaweed (the kind you use for maki-sushi), added some carrots in the middle (I shredded the carrots and blanched them in hot water) and a thin slice of omelet.

I then rolled everything up like maki-sushi.

I couldn't decide if I should steam or pan-fry the seaweed roll.. But in the end, I opted for pan-fry because it was easier.

This dish is pretty interesting... and I was rather delighted when my mum inquired about how I made it in detail... I guess she must like it too!

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