Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Handy Device - Anylock

I came across this product on another blog (although I really can't remember which blog it was) and decided that I would hunt these down in Japan.

Anylock is actually a device that helps seal up bags of food. Now, of course ziplock bag does the trick perfectly as well.. but when it comes to flour for baking, this device is very useful for sealing unused flour. Especially since I have so many different types of flour at home - plain flour, cake flour, bread flour, wholemeal flour, rye flour, corn meal... etc etc.

Left: Anylock - they come in delicious looking colours..
Top right: Just fold the bag and slide in the Anylock
Bottom right: Sealed and airtight

Now these are really pretty useful. I used to use those clips you find in Ikea or at supermarkets.. but with the clips you have to be careful about the way you cut open bags of flour.. and sometimes it is not so easy to secure the bags well.. and you end up with messy, rolled-up, rubber-band tied bags of flour.. With the Anylock, everything is neat, air-tight and pretty flat.. and I can line up my bags of flour neatly in my cupboard. It's really a cool product. And very easy to use too... just fold the bag and slide the Anylock stick through..

I bought mine from Tokyo Hands in Japan.. only to find them on sale at Takashimaya in Singapore. But it seemed to me that they were on sale in Takashimaya only as part of a promotion.. not sure if they are regular products. Which reminds me... I think I should go down to Takashimaya and buy a few more.

Oh, by the way.. this is not an advertisement. Just wanted to share a neat find.
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