Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pickled Sakura

A box of pickled sakura

I came across these pickled sakura blossoms at Tokyo's tsukiji market and I just had to buy them. Pickled sakura is actually sakura blossoms pickled with salt.

Pickled sakura and sakurayu

They can be used for making sakurayu, which is pickled sakura with hot water. These are typically drunk at festive events and hanami. To be honest, I think this drink taste a little bit odd.. It is a little like drinking hot brine... but the drink looks so pretty, with the flowers unfolding and "dancing" around in the hot water.


Pickled sakura is also used to make sakura mochi, a pink Japanese glutinous rice dumpling containing sweet red bean paste wrapped cherry-tree leaf. The pink colour and taste of the glutinous rice comes from the pickled sakura.

Picture source: See here

I have also seen pickled sakura used as garnish for Japanese bentos and desserts.

Actually, I bought these pickled sakura more because I wanted to use them as a garnish for cupcakes and desserts.

Pickled sakura being used as a garnish


petunialee said...

Oh do... do... do start an online store for gourmet items!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hm... I should try my hand at this.. But for now.. if u want these or anything I've blogged before.. just let me know.. I'd pass to you to try when we meet.. :)

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