Saturday, April 3, 2010


Shiogama is a small town nearby to Matsushima. The cruise boats that take you around Matsushima Bay can also drop you off at Shiogama instead of sending you back to Matsushima. Or you can take the cruise boat from Shiogama instead and it will drop you off at Matsushima.

There is nothing much there for tourists.. the town is pretty small and like many smaller towns in Japan, many of the shops are very old.. or closed..

But for some reason, Shiogama has many sushi restaurants for a town of its size. Apparently, it has the highest "density" of sushi restaurants in the whole of Japan. The area is pretty famous for its seafood, due to a fish wholesale market at the bay.. and also for its sushi.

The sushi there is pretty good and the most famous one is from this shop called Sushi Tetsu.

Sushi Tetsu - they stamp their name on the tamago-yaki

Even the maki (rolled sushi) is very good..

The deluxe set changes depending on the season

 An interesting sushi we had..
I had no clue what it was.. but there are some ebiko I think...

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