Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Small Strawberry Cakes

Almost everyone who travels to Japan buys some kind of Japanese mochi, cakes or sweets as omiyage (Japanese for souvenirs).

I've been to Japan quite a number of times now.. and I've learned that not everything that looks good taste good.

Many of the mochi or cakes that look so alluring in the departmental store counters end up tasting too sweet... or just too fake..

This trip, I wanted to be sure I didn't buy any bad tasting omiyage back.

But I really couldn't resist myself when I saw these small strawberry-shaped cakes, with strawberry jam and bean paste in the centre.

They looked so cute I just had to buy them.

Fortunately, they taste pretty okay too. Like a tiny strawberry swiss roll coated with white chocolate.

Tiny strawberry cakes from Sendai

How each little piece looks like..

How it looks like on the inside..

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