Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can you live without your phone?

I forgot to bring my mobile phone out today.

I felt weird the whole day.

Plus I had to meet up with some girlfriends for dinner at 730pm.. which I might be late for. How to get in touch with them with no access to yahoo or gmail at work? In the end, I emailed Friend A to get Friend B's number so I could get Friend's C number from Friend B. So complicated.

Gone are the days where we remember our friend's numbers. Nowadays, I only remember my mum's numbers, The Husband's mobile, our home number.. and my grandma's home number.

And I felt insecure the entire day without my mobile phone with me. I wasn't really expecting any call after I've informed one of my girlfriends about being late for the dinner.. But somehow.. something just didn't feel that right all day.

Can I live without my mobile phone? Maybe it is possible that I can get used to not having it.. but I think I'd rather not.

Probably my next phone - I'm in some queue for it

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Blur Ting said...

Sad to say, we have come to a stage where we can't do without the phone. Remember how we used to arrange to meet our friends at a particular place and time? These days, it is more like, "Let's meet at XX place around XX time. We'll call each other when we arrive."

I would be so insecure without my phone too especially when I know the kids will sms me about what time they're coming home etc.

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