Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ikameshi is a dish originating from Hokkaido. "Ikameshi" means squid rice. And that's what it is - simmered squid with glutinous rice inside.

The squid is simmered with soy sauce, mirin and sugar and sake until tender and the rice is perfumed lightly with the taste of the squid.

We bought a couple of these for lunch today from the Hokkaido fair at Tampines Mall. This is the first time I've seen ikameshi on sale in Singapore.


JY said...

Sorry to say... not a fan of that.. I like ika and I like rice, but not together! LOL...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Same as The Husband! He doesn't like it much too... I like it a lot because the idea of cooking rice in ika is so interesting to me!

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