Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's eat in Hong Kong - Beef Brisket Soup

This trip to Hong Kong was a really short one. It was mainly to attend a family's wedding dinner. I also wanted to catch up with some friends and go for an overdue haircut.

But we managed to find some time out to hunt down some good food.. and so my next few posts will be on the food I had during this trip.

This beef brisket soup from Tai Lee was one of the first thing we had after reaching Hong Kong. Because of the sizzling hot weather, I didn't think I had much appetite for hot soup.

But these were good!

The beef brisket was tender and tasty.. and the soup so full of the essence and flavour of the beef.

But the best thing we had, in my opinion, was the bowl of radish - the radish was super soft, yet not mushy.. and extremely juicy and sweet.


This place is a little out of the way.. and the beef brisket weren't as nice as the ones from Seng Kee (if my memory doesn't fail me).. but the radishes were the best I had so far.. and if it taste good in the middle of a sizzling summer.. I really want to have it again the next time I go to Hong Kong in winter!

大利清湯腩 Tai Lee
Address: 13/15 Electric Road, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong


Leah said...

Hey Okc, when I am about to read your post each time, I know I am in for some drool moments...slurp!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Leah, heheh.. I wish we have such shops in Singapore too! But I mustn't complain.. food in SG is very good!

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