Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Madam Grandma's

One of my favourite restaurants in KL is Madam Kwan - they serve good local food and is conveniently located at KLCC, which is a place I would go every trip to KL. Yes, it is just hawker food that attracts me to Madam Kwan and at the kind of quality they have there, I'm happy to go back everytime.

A colleague found out about this and told me that Grandma's in Singapore hired a chef from Madam Kwan and the menu is very similar to that of Madam Kwan.

I just had to rush there over the weekend to try the place out upon hearing that. It's been sometime since I went to KL, and I miss the nasi bojari from Madam Kwan.

Grandma's version is called nasi bukhari (pilaf rice). As usual, I requested to change the rice to coconut rice (nasi lemak).

Like Madam Kwan's nasi bojari, the nasi bukhari consisted of beef rendang (excellent), assam prawns (very good, better than Madam Kwan's) and chicken drumstick (very good.. though Madam Kwan's one was better). The rice though was a huge disappointment - it was way too oily.

Beer at Grandma's is probably one of the main attraction. I do not think that there is another restaurant out there where you can find S$3 Tiger or S$5 Erdinger. I think beer from 7-Eleven would cost more than that!

But for me, I'd go back again for the nasi bukhari and chendol. Perhaps I should also give the Assam Laksa a try. The one at Madam Kwan is pretty good..

What we had - nasi bukhari and stir-fried sweet potato leaves. 
Both were excellent

Chendol with gula melaka
Probably the cheapest beer in town

Add: Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road #01-13
Tel: 6732 3082
Other branches are at United Square and Paragon


Blur Ting said...

Oooo, the chendol looks really good!

I am Hap(py) said...

AHHH :) THANKS ! I loved Mdm Kwan food too! :)) We shd go there together for a meal!

Malar said...

I like to eat in Madam Kwan too! My office is walking distance to KLCC. The food are tasty!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ting - The chendol is pretty good! You should try it.. and is very reasonably priced too! (Though I can't remember the price..)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Happy - I just went with some friends again today.. but yeah.. let's go together. Then make me order assam laksa cos I ordered the same things again today..

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Malar - lucky you. I like KLCC. Another restaurant in KLCC I love is Alexis.. I love the tiramisu there ~~

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