Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mixed Rice with Chestnuts

Picture from Muji's website

The Husband and I like the Japanese brand, Muji very much.

We buy things like furniture, clothes, shoes, kitchenware and even stationery from this shop. Muji also sells very yummy snacks and drinks.. and I have been buying those for years.

It is only recently, however, that I realised the Instant and Dried Food section of Muji is a godsend for working ladies.

A new find of mine is this packet of Chestnuts and Mixed Grains.

You simply empty the contents of the packet into a rice-cooker with rice and water and when the rice is done, you get a very delicious bowl of fragrant chestnuts with mixed grains. The mixed rice taste so good. All I had to do was cook a simple quick-boil soup and dinner was served.

Our dinner tonight - Mixed Rice with Chestnuts

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Blur Ting said...

Looks yummy! It's something I would love to eat but I'm sure my kids and CH will make a face if I cook this for dinner!

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