Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saizeriya - A Japanese Italian Eatery

A Japanese Italian eatery

As a poor student in Tokyo, Saizeriya was one of the restaurant I frequented.

For a few reasons.

Firstly, it was conveniently located on the way back to the hostel from the Waseda campus. Secondly, they had this drink bar for something like 200yen which allowed you to have as many drinks as you like and that was a good thing because it meant we could hang around for practically the entire afternoon. Thirdly, the food wasn't so bad - the pizzas were decent and I really quite like the doria.

So, it came as a pleasant surprise to me, after more than 10 years, to see a Saizeriya restaurant in Singapore. The prices are still extremely reasonable and the doria still as good. But this is not a place I would travel all the way across town for.

We decided to do some supermarketing today at the Japanese supermarket, Mediya at Liang Court today. We couldn't really decide what to have for dinner and I was a little too unwell to walk over for my favourite ramen at Gallery Hotel.. so we decided to have our dinner at Saizeriya.

As usual, the food is decent for the price you pay. There is one new thing on the menu I like apart from doria - the foccacia garlic bread. It came fresh out of the oven - very hot, buttery and garlicky. Yum!

The foccacia garlic bread is pretty good

Hamburg steak with cheese is a very Japanese dish because they serve it with Japanese rice
In general, the pastas at Saizeriya are very normal.. nothing to rave about

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant
177 River Valley Road #02-22


JY said...

Still very popular here... but most things outside of Tokyo have gotten a lot cheaper recently. Easier on the ole' pocketbook! I even sometimes go there for a quick and easy lunch or dinner with some friends!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hey.. JY.. for some reason your comment disappeared. Good to know that there are cheaper places outside of Tokyo now! Actually, I find it quite amazing that prices in Tokyo has not changed very much since about 10 years ago. Things in Singapore have definitely gotten a lot pricier due to inflation!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hm.. funny how after I posted my response.. your comment came back! Blogger can be really odd sometimes...

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