Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Try blending your fruits instead

I like how fresh juices in Taiwan are made and sold. If you buy a glass of fresh fruit juice in Taiwan, chances are, the fruits are "blended" and not "juiced".

The first time I ordered a glass of fresh fruit juice, I thought the shop made a mistake. Then I realised that most shops in Taiwan would serve the juices that way - blended instead of juiced. (Sadly though, the shops tend to also add some sugar so they are not always that healthy)

I found "blended juices" rather odd at first. But it is an acquired taste. More importantly, blending your fruits, with a bit of ice keeps all that natural fibres in your glass, instead of leaving them in the juicer.

So nowadays, I would also blend my fruits instead. Today, I blended some starfruits. Yummy!

Roughly chop up some starfruits and throw them into the blender.
Add some ice and blitz everything

A glass of blended starfruit juice

1 comment:

petunialee said...

I blend my fruits too! I like the thickness of the drink.

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