Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Botak Frangipani

One of my neighbours moved away and I've noticed he left many of his plants behind. For a couple of weeks, I watched in dismay as the plants in the balcony die off. There wasn't anything I could do because the balcony, whilst visible from my place, was not accessible to me.

When I saw the new neighbours throwing out some of the plants today, I decided to be thick skinned and ask if I could adopt some of the plants that they didn't want anymore.

Turns out that most of the plants have died and gone to heaven.. and there were a couple that the new neighbours wanted to keep.

"But you can have this one.. if you like." The new neighbour gestured at a very bald frangipani.

Oh... I always liked frangipani but for one reason or another, never bought one for my apartment. So I thanked the new neighbour and took off with the frangipani before he could regret.

The Husband raised an eyebrow and pointed out that the frangipani plant is very bald.

"It has almost no leaves."

He is right. In Singapore, we would call it "botak". (Botak is the Malay word for bald)

So here you go.. My Botak Frangipani. She only has one leaf currently, but oh.. she has such a lovely clump of white/yellow flowers.

I'm going to put her into a bigger pot and take care of her. Hopefully, in time, she would have more leaves.

The botak frangipani

I like the white and yellow flowers. See the one and only leaf it has on the right?

I usually like the white and pink frangipanis.. but this colour is really lovely too..


petunialee said...

She is a beautiful frangipani!! Give it well draining soil, lotsa sun and Phostrogen.

Blur Ting said...

The frangipani will start to produce new leaves and grow into a lush plant. I have cut down mine many times when they get too straggly only to see new leaves form quickly.

Only thing is, my plants used to have lots of flowers but they stopped flowering after I cut them down.

My advice is, do not cut down the stems. Repot it and add some compost. You will see new leaves soon.

My SINFONIA said...

I am sure the frangipani will thrive under your care. I love frangipanis too but I think its too cold to grow here...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Petunia, thanks! I will.. and also I read how I should treat it with diluted milk should there be leaf rust!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Ting, I will note that. Good thing you've mentioned it.. I was going to cut a part of the stem off... :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yin Mei.. oh.. I don't know.. apparently you can.. I've seen some Aussie articles on Frangipani.. only they won't flower during winter... apparently..

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