Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Pursuit for More

A few quite unrelated things I came across recently prompted this post.

I'm not at liberty to share those stories here, since they are not my stories. But I'd just say that a few people I know live apart from their spouse and children in the name of their careers.

I can relate to having work take one apart from one's family, of course.. because I spend a fair bit of time at work - much longer than I like really..

Sometimes though, I just wonder... All these for what?

I feel that very often, we have more than what we need. Or at least, I think I do.

When I say "I'm starving", it isn't because I haven't had food for the last few days. Most likely, it's because I've skip 1 meal or because I'm eating a couple of hours later than I'm used to.

When I say "I've got nothing to wear", it isn't because I haven got enough clothes to keep me warm but because I cannot think of what to pull out from my overcrowded wardrobe to put on for the day.

When I say "I've no money", it isn't because I literally don't have it. Most likely it is because I don't have enough to buy something I don't need but want... or don't want to spend that much on something..

Most people that I know are in a similar situation. We have what we need. But there are always things that we want - a new and bigger house, a fancier car, another handbag, a more comfortable retirement life.. or simply, a fatter bank account.

But I really do wonder at times if the price we pay for our pursuit of more is worth what we get at the end of the day.


Blur Ting said...

Well said.

petunialee said...

Actually, for me, it is a case of feeling insecure about the future. What if things become so expensive when I am old that I have not enough for healthcare and other basics? It's also why I cannot bring myself to splurge even now. The Husband kept asking if I wanted to buy stuff at Beijing and I kept saying "No." I feel this fear and want to amass enough wealth to ensure the fears don't come true. It's so pathetic isn't it?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Ting

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh no Petunia.. That's not good! A small splurge now and then to reward yourself is good.. you should do that! If you don't like to amass stuff.. maybe you can splurge on other things? Like a nice trip for the 2 of you to Tokyo next spring! :)

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