Sunday, March 13, 2011

Salsa in a Cookie Jar

It's my grandmother's birthday today and we had potluck at my uncle's place. My mum and aunts were in charge of the food so there was little for me to contribute.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd bring some nibbles along, knowing well that I'd probably be bringing in half of it back as there will likely be too much food.

This salsa was extremely easy to prepare and went well with the colourful mixed-vegetable tortilla chips. I made the salsa in a little cookie jar and brought it over in the jar. I thought it was a great idea because it looked really quite good on the dining table and was extremely convenient to bring over. Click here for the homemade salsa recipe.

My mum and aunts went all out to cook (or buy, for those who don't cook) a really nice meal for my grandma and the rest of us. There were lots of yummy dishes for dinner - these were the ones I managed to take pictures of before the crowd descended on the dinner table.

Fried glutinous rice - one of my mum's specialties

Fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) - another of my mum's specialties. 
I wished I could cook beehoon like her!

Curry vegetables - curry is always popular with my family

Happy birthday, grandma!
(The cake is obviously bought by one of my aunt)


Blur Ting said...

Your salsa looks really good. The colour of the tomatoes is so lovely!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Ting! I was very pleased with how the pictures turned out!

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