Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Ever Chendol

Jonker88 is a small shop along Jonker Street in Malacca that is part cafe and part museum of sorts.

The shop sells laksa, rojak, kueh pie tee and desserts.

The laksa we had was good.. I enjoyed the assam laksa I had and The Husband liked the nonya laksa. All the laksa comes with 2 slices of really crispy tau pok (beancurd skin) with tasty, chewy fish paste inside.

But it is the chendol I'd go back for again and again. It is probably the best chendol I've ever had.

Chendol is a dessert consisting of shaved ice, coconut milk, noodle-like green strips made with green bean flour, red beans and sweetened with palm sugar syrup (gula melaka).

The chendol at Jonker88 was topped off with really thick, almost creamy gula melaka. Yet it wasn't too sweet at all and went really well with the fresh coconut milk. The green noodles were reasonably springy and the red beans were cooked to perfection.

I would go back again to Malacca just for this.

Look at the colour of the gula melaka!

 I liked the red beans in this chendol!

The assam laksa was good - the spicy soup was good and 
so was the crispy fried tau pok!

 The soup of the nonya laksa had lots of coconut milk in it, which made it really fragrant


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Ohhhhh I am salivating! I adore chendol and that laksa looks so good, can't wait to go back to Malaysia later this year!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Me too! Looking at the picture makes me want to go back to Malacca soon again! Luckily, I can still satisfy my cravings in Singapore with lower quality chendol!

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