Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colourful M&Ms

This is one of my favourite buys from New York - a bag of M&Ms!

In fact, I always buy some of these different coloured M&Ms whenever I travel to the US.

In the US, you can even go online and customise your own M&Ms. You can select from 20+ colours and print your own messages on these M&Ms.

Cool huh?

I got hooked the first time I saw these about 10 years ago.

I always like pink ones. What colour would you like your M&Ms in?


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

le sigh. i dun like choco and can't take much of them too. but i love skittles when i was young! i treat them like M&Ms. =D

P/S: i love the purple ones. =P

milka said...

Pink ones! I only see blue brown green yellow.. in the market. Can print personalized wordings some more ah! COOL~

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Fry, you don't EAT CHOCOLATES? Wow. I love chocolates. But I don't like sweets.. except skittles are pretty nice..

Open Kitchen Concept said...

yeah, so cool right? I like anything pink

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