Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Duck Shing Ho Coconut Egg Rolls

These egg rolls are hard to get.


You either order them in advance (I hear the queue is about 2 weeks) or queue up for them from 9 am in the morning.

Dubbed by many as the "Best Egg Rolls" in Hong Kong, these egg rolls from Duck Shin Ho (德成號) are popular with both tourists and locals. A popular TV artiste and food critic in Hong Kong highly recommends this place and once said that she can finish an entire tin at one go whilst watching TV.

The Sister-in-law bought us a box last weekend. Duck Shing Ho sells 3 flavours - Original, butter and coconut. The coconut flavour is the most popular and is the flavour she got for us.

These egg rolls look very different from the Singapore/ Malaysia ones which are very crispy and thin. These are a lot thicker and hence more substantial. Crispy yet flaky, these aren't too sweet and taste very eggy, with a hint of coconut milk. The egg flavour is strong yet not too over powering. And it is not at all oily. I can understand why these egg rolls are so popular.

I won't say that these are the best egg rolls I've ever had (Sorry, I still prefer the ones my grandma made when I was young) but these are yummy and make great souvenirs for family and friends when visiting Hong Kong. See below for address and store hours.

德成號 Duck Shing Ho
G/F., 64 Java Raod, North Point
Tel: (+852) 2570 5529/2571 5049
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 930am to 700pm

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