Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long Days and Dinner at 9

Sometimes, I wonder if living in a country with 4 distinct seasons is a good thing.

In Singapore, the temperature hovers from around 28 deg C to 32 deg C mostly. 27 would be "cold" in Singapore, 34 or 35 would be "too hot". And the Mr sun rises at about the same time every morning here.. and retires to bed about the same time as well.

The weather in Singapore suits me fine since I don't like winters. But there are some seasons I like.

For example, I think spring is a pretty nice season. This trip in London, I experienced the nicest English weather. Bright and sunny with just the right temperature outdoors for picnics.

And it's great to have the sun set at 9:30pm. The sky is bright after work.. still bright after some drinks.. and right after dinner at 9pm, the sun starts to set in the horizon.

The long days put me in a very good mood all week in London, in spite of work. Somehow it feels that I have got more than 24 hours in my day.. and that feels like a steal!


Josephine said...

Oh hello again...i so agree... i luv sunshine a lot more but i crave for spring weather too... coz i get to wear boots and leather jackets hahaha
And're in London..someday i wanna get there too :)
Enjoy your business trip!

Blur Ting said...

I love traveling to temperate countries during summer cos the day never ends! And I feel so cheated during winter cos the sun sets too early!

petunialee said...

Yup! Cold is nice but not too cold!! Glad you had a great time!!

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