Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Shots around London

Some random shots I took around London. I'd let the photos do most of the talking for this post.

Bus in a park

Guard at Buckingham palace

The red telephone booth - I am reminded of Superman and the Matrix

Downing Street - too bad I didn't see any Prime Minister but I was watching out for rats! 
(Remember the CNN video with a rat dashing across the front door of the Prime Minister's office?)

A gate to an English garden. I feel mysterious already.. 
Will I spot a rabbit with a vest?

British museum - A fascinating place to visit

A residential block near Oxford street. 
Check out the unit with those blooming roses on the third floor!

Sunset in spring


milka said...

Oh i love that telephone booth! I nearly bought that 'telephone booth' home the other day i say it in a gift shop!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh yes, I like telephone booths too! Esp red ones.. :)

Malar said...

Beautiful place to visit!
Any rabbit came in the garden? ;)

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