Monday, July 4, 2011

Dragons, Weapons and....

A few colleagues and I went over to a fellow colleague's apartment about 2 Sundays back.

I was MOST impressed with this bachelor's apartment.

Not because he lived in a really lovely condo with a balcony right when you walk into his apartment.

And not because of the dragons he kept at his place.

Figurine dragons, that is.. He had really impressive looking ones with 3 heads and multiple wings. I really liked them but they weren't the most impressive creatures around.

The number of weapons and uniforms he had in his apartment was probably one of the largest private collection I've come across.

And I dare say even some museums (ahem, I won't say which ones) probably do not have as many in their collection. He really had A LOT of weapons.. and A LOT A LOT of uniforms. All kinds of military uniforms really - from second world war ones to Singapore's own SAF ones to Japanese samurai ones. The collection he has was really quite jaw dropping.

But even those wasn't what impressed me the most.

What impressed me the most were the number of pots this guy had.

And the number of baking trays.

These were top quality cast iron pots.. and a really interesting and wide collection of baking trays..

(Did I even think I had a lot of baking trays? I'd never feel guilty over my collection again.. even if I haven't used half of the trays I have.)

Happily, all the pots and trays were not just for decoration but very much used by their owner. This colleague of mine loves cooking and he can really cook very well too, if I may add.

He made a beautiful roasted beef with herbs and red wine, vegetables in a delicious white sauce and a special sort of dumpling made of fresh baguette crumbs.

For starters, we had a simple but yummy prawns in spicy sesame oil. And for dessert, we had a very nice sour cream cake with peach slices.

He has generously shared his recipes with me, so I'd be making some of these soon and will share those on my blog.

For now, enjoy the pictures from this very impressive apartment.

A colourful dragon with 3 heads

Another one with many heads.. I liked the colour of this dragon..

Just a few of the weapons on display - all with the 
appropriate licenses when he shipped them to Singapore

This reminds me of the Last Samurai. 
I'm intrigued by the different coloured feet.. :P

The amazing collection of baking trays.. Some I really like too! 
I had a great big urge to rush off to do some shopping after seeing these

The most impressive collection of cast iron pots. 
This photo doesn't show all the pots he had!

Delicious roast beef swimming in red wine

Very interesting and filling dumplings

I hate cauliflower but this white sauce made even cauliflower nice! Pretty amazing

The roast beef sliced - see how he pushed in bits of garlic into the meat?
These garlic tasted good!

My lovely dinner at N's place.


Blur Ting said...

Woah, I'm so very impressed with this kind of guys!

Malar said...

WOw! Is he ex- chef or so? So many cooking utensil! I don't have that much too!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe, Ting, Malar, we all are impressed then.. Nope, my colleague is not an ex-chef! Just a really good cook! :)

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