Friday, July 1, 2011

Gobi Dessert, not Gobi Desert

Ting recommended this place and Petunia said she has been there 5 time since.

How could I not visit this place?

So The Husband and I decided to skip lunch yesterday and go straight for desserts.

The menu is pretty limited but everything looked good. I wanted to try the souffle and creme brulee as well, but in the end I opted for Black Forest Torte. The Husband chose the Passion Mango Crepe Stack.

I quite liked the Black Forest Torte. The vanilla ice-cream was very good - strong in vanilla taste and silky smooth. The cake was pretty nice. The chocolate layer was interesting - it's baked but tasted like it was too light to be cake. I found out later that it is actually baked mousse. The baked mousse and creme anglaise give the dessert an interesting light texture. Personally, I felt a little more contrast in texture would have made this dessert a lot more memorable.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite like the Passion Mango Crepe Stack. The crepes were nice and thin but they were layered with meringue that was overly sweet (as all meringues are) and passion fruit cream that was overly sour. The the middle of the dessert was some mixed berry compote which I quite liked. The sorbet was also very good, so the dessert wasn't that bad after all. But it wouldn't be something I'd order again.

As I left the shop, I asked myself if I would come back.

Hm.. at $9 - $12 a dessert, Gobi Cakes isn't exactly cheap. But it is a nice place to hang out for tea or desserts after dinner.. and they serve freshly baked souffle, which I love, so I guess I'd be going back again to try a couple more desserts before deciding if I like the place.

Gobi Cakes
Add: 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598
Tel: 6345 2127


Blur Ting said...

Maybe you should have tried the panna cotta that Petunia spoke about?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ah yes, but I have some panna cotta at home at the moment. Next time I'd try that :)

Blur Ting said...

I ate the creme brulee and molten chocolate lava. Both were good.

The 6-piece set wasn't that nice.

petunialee said...

The creme brulee poire william is good. So too the chocolate lava. I also didn't like the mango stack. Too tart.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ah.. I'd give a try of both next time.. :)

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