Friday, July 1, 2011

Yung Kee Restaurant in Hong Kong

I'm not quite sure why I haven't blogged about Yung Kee Restaurant before. This is such a famous restaurant that almost everyone I know who've been to Hong Kong has visited this store.

Yung Kee is famous for its roasted goose. Roasted goose is not a dish you can find in Singapore - roasted chicken and duck are extremely common in Singapore. But roasted goose.. I don't believe it is available in Singapore at all.

I am not a great fan of roasted goose, although I must say the one at Yung Kee taste pretty good. The fat content of goose is higher than poultry and most other game birds, hence it taste crispy, juicy but yet chewy after roasting.

Apart from the roasted goose, all other dishes we ordered that day were good.

The char siew (or barbequed pork) was excellent even to me - someone who doesn't fancy pork. This was The Husband's favourite dish that night.

The wanton (dumpling) soup was also good - their wantons are made very delicately, into small bitesize pieces. They resemble tiny goldfish and are called "goldfish wantons". We also had sweet and sour pork, vegetables with 3 kinds of eggs and fried squid. Every dish had a fan and my whole family enjoyed our dinner a lot.

My favourite dish of the night had to be the starter - century eggs with pickled ginger. The century eggs at Yung Kee is especially good and it is a must-eat item. The owner of the restaurant deliberately picks century eggs that have been preserved for a certain number of days to ensure that every century egg you eat at Yung Kee has a soft-centre (think soft boiled eggs).

So if you ever visit Yung Kee - remember to order the century eggs and the roasted goose, if nothing else. I would also highly recommend the char siew and wanton soup.

P/S: Do also drop me a note to tell me if you can find a place in Singapore selling char siew of similar quality. The Husband has been searching for a place with good char siew for a while now..

The top 4 dishes at Yung Kee

Yung Kee Restaurant
Add: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2522 1624


Blur Ting said...

The char siew looks really tender here. The ones in Singapore are usually very lean. It has got to do with the type of fresh pork sold here.

milka said...

你真会吃!If you have chance to come to Ipoh, there are lotza good food waiting for you here. And i can lead you to the best char siew in town... slurpsss

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ipoh! Ah.. I've always wanted to go there! I will be planning a trip soon! *hungry*

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ting, ah... It's due to the pork.. I think you are probably right!

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