Monday, August 29, 2011

2014 Expectations

It is likely that we'd be moving in 2014.

Now that is a long time away.. so I say "likely" because I don't think we are very sure yet.

It's a move to somewhere rather far (for Singapore) from where we are staying now.. so it's going to be a pretty big move.

I'm quite excited.

The packing and moving part scares me a little... and the thought of having to live on almost the other side of Singapore doesn't excite me too much. My family moved to this part of Singapore when I was about 10 and I feel like I've always been staying here. I know the roads and shops well.. and everything is familiar. Right now, that part of Singapore just looks too inconvenient to me.

It's strange to feel this reluctance about moving because I'm actually usually quite open to relocation. It didn't take me too long to buy in to the idea of moving to China a few years ago.. and it was the same when it came to moving back to Singapore. And I'm always opened to move to other countries..

Somehow though I feel that where we are now is the place to be in Singapore. It's strange.. but the feeling of reluctance is real.

Oh well, you never know how life turns out to be so let's see. 2014 is still quite some time away so that means we have lots of time to decide.

And in the meantime, I can look around and learn practical renovation and house decoration tips.

Hopefully our bathroom will look like this..


petunialee said...

A bit far... but it'll be a lovely property to stay in I think.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Petunia! :)

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