Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresh Carrot Juice

This is probably the healthiest sweet drink you can find - fresh carrot juice.

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, a good source of potassium, and contain vitamins C & B6, copper, folic acid,thiamine and magnesium. The high level of beta-carotene gives carrots their distinctive orange colour. Beta-carotene is a strong antioxidant, so carrots are really really good for you and your skin. (As with everything in life though, moderation is key. Consume too much and you'd turn into a carroty shade as well)

When juicing carrots, it's better to use big, older carrots than those soft, young ones. I've found that the bigger, older carrots tend to make sweeter carrot juice.

In fact, the bigger ones are also better for soups and in stir-fry, so I find myself buying young carrots only very occasionally, when I use them raw in salads.

Have a good week ahead.


Malar said...

This is totally new information for me! I always look for young carrot all this while!
After this let me hunt the older carrot! ;)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. hehe.. hunt for the older carrot.. :D

Blur Ting said...

I agree. I often chew on carrots while chopping them up for soups and cooking. I find the big, deep orange ones really sweet. They're great for carrot cake.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh yes, carrot cake is another great way to use these older carrots :)

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