Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greyhound Cafe, Bangkok

We arranged to meet up with P, an ex-colleague from Thailand when we were in Bangkok.

P suggested we meet at the Greyhound Cafe in Central Chidlom.

I though the Greyhound Cafe felt very similar to the PS Cafe chain in Singapore, except with a more interesting menu.

The food was pretty good.. My favourite of what we tried was a dish called "Complicated Noodles" - which was really a stack of fresh lettuce with some flat pieces of flat rice noodles, minced pork and coriander. You wrap everything with the lettuce before eating. A bit messy but it was quite fun to eat.

We also had the fresh lasagna salad and mini chicken wings, both of which was okay but nothing too special.

I especially liked the drinks we had. The Husband had a Thai milk tea granita which was delicious but you had to be patient with it as you need it to melt a little before drinking. I had a green concoction of green grapes, green apple and mint sauce. It was a really refreshing drink!

The desserts were pretty decent as well. The Mixed Berry Layer Cake had very soft, fluffy fresh cream and I thought the Nutella Banana Tart was very well made - a nice crunchy crust with yummy chocolate and fresh bananas.

It's a cafe I would definitely visit again, especially after an afternoon of shopping!

Greyhound Cafe
Central Chidlom, 4th floor

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