Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kiam Chye Ark Soup

I made this soup tonight for dinner, using the same recipe as the last time.

As I googled the internet for alternative recipes, I realised some people used roasted duck to make kiam chye ark soup (ie salted mustard cabbage duck soup). Some even used the bones/ leftovers from roasted duck. Such a good idea!

I'd definitely do that next time.

In the meantime - I think the current recipe I have is good enough and simmering it for 2.5 hours in a cast iron pot helped made the duck meat so soft, it was literally falling off the bones. Adding a splash of brandy in the last 5 minutes of boiling would really add a kick to this soup too! Since I didn't have any at home, I added some Chinese wine.

Before the 2.5 hours of boiling..

And after... yummy!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I've ALWAYS LOVED this soup so much! But my health-conscious folks refuse to make it. Lol.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. But this isn't a very unhealthy soup! I roasted the duck in the oven at 220deg C for 30 mins, and a lot of the fat and oil melted off.. And after boiling, I spooned out all the oil on top.. so it was not oily at all. But I dunno if the kiam chye is healthy or bad... :)

Rene said...

I loooove this soup and always beg my mom to cook this. But she always reply that it is too "cooling" to cook often.=(

Now I usually pester my father-in-law to cook this soup with the leftover turkey bones after Christmas feast. =)

Anonymous said...

I think kiam chye, but its nature, is bad if taken too often. The salt will definitely accumulate. But darn if it isn't tasty anyway! Lol.

FeiFei Bro said...

Looks really good! Gonna try!!!

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