Monday, November 14, 2011

Show Flats

 A beautiful shelf in the bathroom of the show flat

I like visiting show flats.

I find listening to the sales people pretty interesting.

Since I'm not really buying any apartment or house, I try not to waste too much of their time. But listening to what they have to say, even if I know it's biased because they are trying to sell, is interesting. Sometimes, they tell you of some rumours or developments in the housing market, sometimes change in government policies, sometimes it's what they say about the development of certain regions.. and sometimes, it's the things they have to say about a particular unit.

I listen and take everything with a pinch of salt, thinking one of these days, if I'm out of a job, I can probably try to be a real estate agent too!

Another reason why I like show flats is because I find that I can pick up really clever interior design ideas from show flats.

In recent years, apartments in Singapore have been shrinking.

I recently went to see a show flat of an apartment not too far from where our place is. The show flat is, like most show flat, very beautiful. I was very impressed with all the quality furnishings and the overall interior design. The apartment also felt pretty spacious so I was very amazed to learn that it was the show flat for a 650sqf apartment.

"But this apartment feels so spacious! And the toilets are huge!"

The salesman explained that that is because a lot of unnecessary space have been taken out of the apartment. "The kitchen is open concept, there is no unnecessary yard area and the developer has also taken out the bomb shelter and store room - spaces that are usually wasted in an apartment."

I also noted that as part of the design, the interior designer also knocked down the wall separating the living room and a room, replacing with a glass wall and a TV rack that can be flipped around so that you can watch TV from either the small room or the living room. What a brilliant idea!

The glass wall that separated the living room from a small room. 
I like the fact that the TV can be flipped 180deg to face the other side

The small room is also separated by the corridor by a glass shelf 
and sliding glass door so the whole house is full of light

I went away from the show flat rather impressed with this apartment.

However, on second thoughts..

If there are no storerooms, where do you store your stuff? In the room that is separated from the living room by a glass wall?

And where do you air your laundry if there is no yard space? In the living room?

The "unneccessary" spaces that he was referring to are all spaces that we use every day!

Looks like sales people can sometimes make the weaknesses of some apartments sound like strengths! Maybe I will not be a good real estate agent after all.

Sometimes, show flats make use of visuals to make spaces look bigger too! 
Technically, there should be a glass door separating the balcony from the living room. 
The lack of these doors also make the room look a lot bigger!


petunialee said...

I get very irritated by such sales spins. One sales person went on and on about the spacious apartment, and I was having a bad hair day... so, I walked him over to every wall that should be there ... and every space that is practical and asked him questions.

What would this space look like when the wall goes up?

This big sofa here, according to the floor plan is hanging somewhere in the air OUTSIDE the flat?

I have 5 people's clothes to wash dry and iron... can this space fit?

Malar said...

You are right!
I usually go to visit show units just to see their decoration. If I'm going to buy one, I better asked question to myself on what I need than trusting the sales guy!

Blur Ting said...

Believe it or not but I've never been to a single showflat!

Are we even allowed to remove the bomb shelter? The one in my house is really a waste of space.

the placement of 2 chairs in the balcony area is also weird. I mean who would sit out there in the tight spot especially if that area is hot and humid?

I must agree that the TV idea is quite cool but that would mean the bedroom has no walls? It probably works for a bachelor's pad but for families, it would just be too weird.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe, that's very funny Petunia - bad hair day. Hehe. For an impatient person like me, it's funny how the sales spin intrigued me more than irritate me. Maybe because I'm just being curious rather than keen to buy anything. Haha

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes Malar - the interior design is usually really nice right? Quite impressive

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Ting, oh I asked that question too! Because the bomb shelter in my place is in an awkward place - my living room would be bigger without it. Seems like the new regulations are such that you don't need to have one in an apartment now. But I think once you have one, you probably cannot get rid of it since the walls are reinforced

Blur Ting said...

If I can remove it, that will be the first to go!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

So true! I would do that to mine if I could too!

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