Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marina Bay Area

The very photogenic Marina Bay Sands

Although I work nearby to the Marina Bay area, I never fully realised how beautiful the area is until I was walking towards One Fullerton from Esplanade area yesterday as the sun was setting.

Here are are some pictures taken using my iPhone. I used Instagram and selected a slightly "vintage" effect for these pictures.

Singapore flyer and one of my favourite hotels in Singapore - Mandarin Oriental 
(I might be biased because that's where we had our wedding banquet..)

The Merlion and hordes of tourists..

I had a fairly busy but fun long weekend - starting with a day of shopping and high-tea with a friend on Friday. Some parts of Saturday and today was spent bringing a Taiwanese friend around town.

I'm not really sure if I'm ready for work tomorrow yet!


Malar said...

Such a beautiful place!
Hope you had a fun weekend!

Rene said...

You sure have a steady hand for such sharp photos on your iPhone!

Yes, I agree that the view in the area (sans the construction work) is quite nice. Unfortunately, most people are just too preoccupied to enjoy it.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Malar! I did have a good weekend!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe, thanks Rene.. I always feel I have a shaky hand actually.. but that day I tried very hard to stay still..

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