Monday, December 3, 2012

A Few Random Things I've Learnt

Here are a few random things I've learnt from Little N and through taking care of her..

1. Forgive and forget - You can accidentally drop baby (er.. just to clarify, not that I did this.. though I did accidentally knocked her on her head *ouch, my heart*) or make baby cry (well, er yes, I did make baby cry.. all the time.. through not understanding what she wants) and you will still get a smile from her the next minute

2. Life's too short to care about what others think - It's perfectly okay to smile one minute and cry the next, or even do both at the same time

3. Know what you want and say it. And if you don't get it - it's ok to pout, cry and yell.. if you are a baby. I guess we adults have it easier because we can communicate and tell others what we want. I think our problem usually is that in spite of our ability to communicate, we often don't and end up bottling our feelings and getting all upset and frustrated

4. Naps are a waste of time. Again, life is too short for naps so they should always be resisted, with a fair amount of pouting and crying

5.  There is no better time. There is no better time to play than NOW. Even if it is 5am in the morning, you should attempt to play. Again, life's too short, so why miss out on the fun stuff.

6. Nails grow fast and sharp when you are on an all milk diet (My own observation - mums out there, let me know if you don't think the same)

7. You don't really always know yourself. I didn't know I'd obsess so much over baby poo, nose shit, ear wax and fingernails. Especially baby poo. I've googled, taken pictures, emailed pictures, sniffed and observed poo in greater details over the past few weeks.. much more than I ever thought I'd do.

8. Let go and let God. Sometimes when you cry with your fists clenched and eyes close, you miss out on things your Mum or Dad wants to give you. It's the same for us and our Father in Heaven, I guess. Happy explains this well here.

9. Some things are out of your control. This is something I'm still learning. Little N naps badly and it causes great frustration for me. The Husband reminded me that there's very little I can do about it and you know, it's true. I can provide her the best environment and conditions and opportunities for napping but if she doesn't or wakes up early and crying.. as much as I'm frustrated, there is nothing I can do to make baby fall asleep if she can't.

The most animated photo I have of Little N. Too bad about the focus.


vivian chan said...

Muahahaha.... there's a term for no3 when it happens between toddlerhood and adulthood - tantrums (for the first half) and "being emo" (the second half)

Jia you!

I am not that big into handing out advices but there are some babies only take cat naps and require very little sleep. But if ur little one is still cranky because of not enough sleep, may be u can try baby wearing while she sleeps? my no1 was a fussy/ high need baby and he used to nap for 15-20min, then wake up crying and it was difficult to put him back to sleep. we found out too late about baby wearing, so didn't try if it works, but hey, he survived!

My Sinfonia said...

Your list is going to just get longer... o.O

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Haha Yin Mei, I was just thinking the same after writing this post. That I'm going to have a whole series of posts on this same subject! :p

Open Kitchen Concept said...

'He survived' - how true! And so did you! Baby wearing - Hm okay I should try again. I tried twice and both times we both got so hot (she is like a hot water bottle) and bothered it didn't help. Though she did nap for a bit more

Petunia Lee said...

Yay! More baby posts!

vivian chan said...

Well if baby wearing doesn't work out, don't worry, and refer back to your point 1 in your post. (thank you so much for reminding me that as well!)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes, heheh. I need to constantly remind myself of No 1 and No 9!

Blur Ting said...

Good to see you blogging again!

Wen-ai said...

O yes... point no. 6 totally hits home. Beanie's nails grow at the same rate as bean sprouts. No Kidding! And I hate to cut her nails!!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks, Ting!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Bean sprouts! Haha. Yes. I hate to cut them as well - she struggles and wriggles, making it very hard

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