Monday, December 10, 2012


Mothers seem to multi-task well and do things fast.

I never realised that I actually do things quite slowly until recently. (Apart from typing - I can type fast.. too fast sometimes and I click "Send" on the email and then regret..)

I suppose some things come with experience. For example, I can change diapers pretty fast now compared to 2 months ago.

TV is a bit of a luxury these days but here is an interesting article of what one can do whilst watching TV and during commercials. I like this website ( for the useful tips they hand out on almost everything!

Have a fruitful week ahead.

A pretty flower to brighten up Monday!


africanaussie said...

I have been enjoying crocheting snowflake ornaments for my tree. I have enjoyed it so much I am now going to make a few angels as well!

Celine said...

Yes being a mom means multi tasking indeed!

Malar said...

Motherhood survival kit - "multitasking" ! hahahahhaa...

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