Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've really kind of disappeared from the blogging space - I have not blogged.. nor have I been reading many blog posts for quite some time now.

And the simple reason is that I've been swarmed at work.

Work has been really busy and stressful.. and somewhat depressing as well. I have had a number of leavers in my team recently.. and a lot of issues on my project.. leading to demoralised and demotivated staff.. and so on.. Some colleagues have been rather ill and have gone for operations.. so overall, things have been gloomy at work.

But things are starting to look a teeny weeny bit better.. Or so I think because I just can't see how it can get worse.

In the weekends or on my days off, I've been with the baby. She's almost 9 months now. Time flies!

She's getting really cute and I've been wondering if going to work and spending all this time away from her is worthwhile.

On the other hand though, it makes me treasure the time I get to spend with her more.

She has been a lot more active recently - crawling around at top speed (and getting into all kinds of accidents.. ouch!) and cruising around (ie walking around whilst holding on to something like the side of the sofa and the railing of her cot).

She also started to learn how to wave goodbye, shake hands and do all kinds of funny little tricks - so cute!

I look forward to coming home everyday just to see her.


Celine said...

Take some me time for yourself! Hugs.

N is growing up fast!

Malar said...

Have a break a relax!
You daughter is just soooo sweeeetttt!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Celine, Malar! :)

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