Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I last went to Taichung in 2009, when I was exploring whether or not I should be setting up a drinks business.

I had 3 impressions of Taichung back then:
1. There are a lot of nice drinks shops in Taichung.. It is, after all, the "birth place" of bubble tea
2. The Fengjia Night Market is very big and probably one of the nicest I've been to
3. Taichung people are very friendly.. Someone offered to help me with my luggage up and down the stairs at the train station, which did not have any escalators

This trip to Taichung with The Husband and Little N, I still think that the above holds true.

Except I also think now that:
1. Things in Taichung are very affordable.. compared to Taipei and certainly compared to Singapore
2. The Yizhong Street night market is smaller than Fengjia but nicer.. with delicious street food, good restaurants and small shops selling nicknacks
3. Food in Taichung overall is of very high quality.. and there are lots of options available

Most Singaporeans tend to travel to Taipei when they travel to Taiwan. With some direct flights now to Taichung, I think it is actually a good city to travel to for just a long weekend.

In my next post, I'd share what are some of the things I think one can do in Taichung.

Loads of yummy food in Taichung. Bubble tea is a must!

We stayed in a hotel room with loads of sheep on the wall. 
Little N went "Baa Baa Baa" in the room all day.. very funny!

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