Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Almost 15 Months Old

Little N examining my camera lens cover

Little N will be turning 15 months by the end of this week.

When I look at her, I'm amazed at how time can pass so slowly yet so fast.

She seems to be growing up so quickly... so time does seem to fly by.. Yet, at times when I'm tired (and she is cranky), time seem to creep by and the day seems too long.

She isn't really able to walk independently yet. She can stand on her own.. (her proud look when she does this is priceless and brightens my day).. she can take a couple of steps on her own and walks pretty well when you hold one of her hands.. but this little girl isn't ready to venture out on her own 2 feet quite yet. Many people ask me about it.. but I'm pretty cool about her not walking yet. She'd have lots of opportunities for that for the rest of her life! For now, she's an extremely quick crawler and I'm pretty happy to be carrying her about otherwise.

She does talk quite a bit though. Mostly, it sounds like some blabber to me but there are certain words that are extremely clear.

So that I can remember them, here's the list.

"Ah-mama" (My mum)
"Ah-gonggong" (My dad)
"Ah-ple" (Apple)
"Milk" (for milk, or milk bottle. She says this when her milk is overdue and I'm glad she can communicate her feelings instead of just being plain cranky)
"More more" (no more.. She'd hold her hand up and sign no more. She says this after finishing her milk.. and also, ahem.. after she poos..)
"Call" (When she picks up the phone, she'd say "call"... pause... "ah mama")
"Car car" (cable car)
"Beck" (as in put it back)
"Ah-per" (diaper)
"Bah" (bus)
"Aaachew" (sneeze)
"Sh-tool" (stool)
"Hah" (or hahah.. for heart)
"Umbaba" (umbrella)
"Bird" (ladybird and bird)
"Booka booka" (book)
"Mole" (mole)
"Bear bear" (bear)
"Da" (panda)
"Grrr" (lion or tiger)
"Baa" (for sheep)
"Bra" (for zebra)
"Moo" (for cow)
"Pig" (also for pig)
"Onk" (for oink)
"Mao" (for cat)
"Brrrrrrr" (for balloon and moon, strangely)
"Noooo" (When I ask her "Do you wear diapers?" She'd say "Noooooo"... one of her books say so.. she obviously still does wear a diaper. She says "No.." when she does something she knows inside right as well)
"Orhhhh" (Similar to "No".. used when she does something wrong)
"Oc-ca" (Octopus)"Ac-ca" (Abacus)
"Mei mei" (Pretty in Chinese. She said this once when my mum wore a dress and my mum was delighted)
"Nie" (Pinch in Chinese. Ouch. Enough said. She says "Noooo" after pinching)"Pa" (Scared in Chinese. She's recently scared of almost everything)
"Zhe-ge" (This in Chinese. She goes "zhege zhege zhege" and then laughs and say "Ah gong gong". We suspect it's because my dad says this often)

There are also "half words" that she seem to use.. "ffskkkk" for Mickey mouse and mouse.. "Sssss" for sun and a clicking sound for clock.

There are some words she have only blurted out once of twice.. like "man", "jar", "girl" that I'm just not quite sure if I'm just hearing things... :)


Malar said...

You have really summarize well all her baby words! so cute toddler you have!

Petunia Lee said...

Getting cuter!!

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