Thursday, December 19, 2013

No Time to Cook

This year, I haven't had much time to cook.

So much so that I don't think I've used the kitchen for more than 10 times in the second half of the year.

We have been either packing home (most of the time) or else eating out (on weekends).
That's really terrible!

I do miss cooking and eating home cooked food.. Actually, my mum does cook and pack tingkats for us once or twice every week.. so it isn't right to say I miss home cooked food. I actually miss "own cooked food"..

I don't think it'd get any easier in the new year with my hours at work and having to put Little N to bed when I get home.. but I can try being creative - like making stew in the morning before I go off to work and keeping them in a thermal pot.. preparing a roast chicken and throwing it into the oven when I get home.

I made a roasted chicken with thyme recently and it was nice to be eating something I made for a change.

A pretty effortless roasted chicken. Just season and cut and throw into the oven!

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