Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Always one less item

I realised today my wardrobe is bursting because I really have too many clothes..

Now, Isn't it strange?

I know I have too many clothes. But yet... I seem to always be in a situation where I don't have anything to wear. So I always end up wearing the same things to the gym.. to church.. on weekends.. and so on..

Is just like I know I have too many facial products at home... and yet, I always lack one more bottle. I seem to always need an additional serum, or mask, or sunblock.. and am always buying a new bottle of something.

You know what they say, we live in the age of excesses.

Looking at my overcrowded wardrobe, with so many clothes only worn once or twice or even (gasp) never worn, I know I have to cut down on shopping.

And start giving some away.

And hopefully start wearing those I seldom wear..

(if i can still fit in)


Blur Ting said...

Oh, that's so true! Every now and then, I take everything out and reshuffle them so the ones squashed behind get worn again, if they still fit that is....

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hehe.. yes, that's a good idea. I found a few pieces I forgot all about just the other day. It was like shopping in my own wardrobe, seeing "new" stuff. BTW, I like the kale and watercress you have. Looks so yummy I feel like growing them too!

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