Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Breakfast

Breakfast on weekdays is usually a cup of hot tea, with milk if I can be bothered. Or else, it'd be just Tetley tea (I love the tea bags) sans sugar sans milk.

Yesterday, at the supermarket, I went to the canned food section and saw baked beans. And I knew I should buy a can back.

My sister and I, a very long time ago, used to love to cook baked beans, ham and eggs for ourselves for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) whenever we have to settle a meal by ourselves.

So, I wanted to do something similar today.

I set the alarm clock to wake up a little earlier than usual and made a hearty breakfast for myself - Scrambled eggs with fresh basil, baked beans, suasage and toast. Oh, and a cup of cappuccino.

The weekend is here already.


Happy said...

hahaha i posted a breakfast just a couple days ago on my blog :D we shd have a breakfast party one day savouring all kind of sausages and toasted breads yum yum!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. let's do that. I have a nifty panini machine.. and a very Japanese cute sandwich cutter. I'm not into suasages and bacon really but.. I can make scones! :)

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