Monday, August 17, 2009

Malicious Comments

Someone left some comments on my blog... with links to another blog address. Thinking which friend it could be, I clicked on that link.. and it led to a blog which meaningless sales advertisement. Thinking it just spam, I removed all the comments from my blog, and updated my Facebook status to "Been Spammed".

But since that day, I have been having problems with my laptops. My old version of Symantec didn't help, inspite of updated virus definition files. It just kept asking me to reboot.

The Husband found out yesterday that my laptop has been attacked by a malicious virus.

I have to backup all my personal documents and reinstall everything. And so for these few days, I have to use the Husband's laptop instead, whilst all the installation and stuff are going on.

My status on Facebook was wrong. I've not been spammed but attacked.


Casey said...

You might want to try these few free softwares (instead of Symantec):

1. AVG Antivirus free
2. Spybot/AdAware
3. Abexo Windows Registry Cleaner (in case the virus or something lives on as the fragment of a ghost inside your PC still)
4. MalwareBytes Anti Malware software (the trial is powerful enough)

I hope these help.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

hey... thanks Sky. I will definitely download one of these very soon! And this experience has also made me decided that I should switch to what The Husband has been using.. a Mac. They don't get such vicious attacks like Windows.. :)

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